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Rolex China Sea Race - Best Asian Regatta 劳力士中国海帆船赛 亚洲最佳帆船赛奖

Alive 2016 Rolex China Sea Race image: ROLEX / Daniel Forster

In less than a year, the Rolex China Sea Race will take a competitive fleet 565 nautical miles across the South China Sea to Subic Bay in the Philippines.

At the recent Asia Boating Awards held in Singapore, the Rolex China Sea Race was awarded the Best Asian Regatta of the Year for the 4th time. Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Vice Commodore John Woo was present to receive the award together with Race Chairman Simon Powell who commented, “We are delighted to win this award again as it shows that the Club and its key sponsor Rolex continue to deliver an outstanding event as Asia’s oldest and most prestigious blue water classic. I would like to thank Rolex for their continued support of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, the Rolex China Sea Race, and many other major sailing events around the world.”

Established in 1962, the inaugural edition of the Rolex China Sea Race saw five participating yachts from Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines, compete without radios or satellite communications. Run today on alternate years to the Club’s San Fernando race - a 480 nautical mile adventure from Hong Kong to San Fernando, Philippines) - the Rolex China Sea Race has evolved into Asia’s premier ‘blue water’ classic. Some 924 boats and countless sailors have made the journey across the South China Sea, with a record participation of 67 boats in the 1984 edition of this Category 1 offshore, endorsed by the Royal Ocean Racing Club.

The weather at the start of the race is usually fresh and breezy eventually shifting to idyllic sailing conditions as the fleet approaches the sunny Philippines. The 2018 race should follow suit. Competitors will be pushing their boats to the edge to break Alive’s 2016 record of 47h 31m 08s and to win the coveted IRC Overall. With many early registrations from 36 to 60ft yachts, the 2018 Rolex China Sea Race is sure to be a race to remember.

The Notice of Race for the 2018 Rolex China Sea Race starting on 28 March 2018 is available online at

Alive 2016劳力士中国海帆船赛 image: ROLEX / Daniel Forster

劳力士中国海帆船赛在较早前于新加坡举行的亚洲游艇颁奖礼中,第四次荣获年度亚洲最佳帆船赛奖。香港游艇会副会长John Woo联同赛事主席Simon Powell一起接受这项殊荣:「我们很高兴再次获得这个奖项,证明了本会及其主要赞助商劳力士一路以来,成功发展这亚洲最悠久及享负盛名的经典蓝海帆船赛。另外,我亦感谢劳力士一直支持香港游艇会举行劳力士中国海帆船赛及其他世界知明的重要帆船赛事。」

首届劳力士中国海帆船赛于1962年举行,当时有五队赛船在没有任何无线电及卫星通讯的协助下参加比赛,当中包括来自:香港, 日本和菲律宾的选手参赛 。时至今日,比赛和本会的举办的圣费尔南多帆船赛以两者互换的方式,隔年进行比赛;圣费尔南多帆船赛航道长480海里,由香港出发到菲律宾圣费尔南多;而劳力士中国海帆船赛亦逐步发展成亚洲重要的经典蓝海赛。多达924艘赛船及帆船手成功横越南中国海,比赛在1984年正式成为一级离岸赛,67艘赛船被皇家海洋竞赛会被获记录。

比赛早段风高浪急,至尾段却可以在菲律宾享受风和日丽的时光,相信2018年的赛事亦将如一。各选手需竭尽所能打破2016年由Alive创下的47小时31分钟08秒的纪录及以IRC 总冠军为目标。现已收到不少36-60尺的帆船报名参赛,相信2018年将会是一场令人难忘的比赛。




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