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Rolex China Sea Race 2016 - Highlights 2016劳力士中国海帆船赛 - 精彩部分

Asia’s principal blue-water classic has retained the original Corinthian ethos that lies at the heart of Rolex’s relationship with the sport of yachting. The Rolex China Sea Race capitalizes on Hong Kong’s distinctive energy, with a race start in Victoria Harbour surrounded by the city’s impressive high-rise panorama. Held biennially over the Easter weekend, the 2016 edition saw an impressive line up of yachts negotiate both traditional and modern sea traffic before embarking on the open water section of the 565-nautical mile course to Subic Bay in the Philippines.

亚洲主要的蓝海经典赛保留了原始的科林斯风格,是劳力士与帆船运动关系的核心。 劳力士中国海帆船赛利用了香港独有的魅力,在被壮观的高楼大厦包围的维多利亚港开赛。 每两年一次于复活节周末举行,2016年的赛事更见令人印象深刻的帆船阵容,先要越过传统及现代的海上交通,再在外海开展长565海里前往菲律宾苏碧湾的航线。


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