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Rolex China Sea Race 2014 Film 2014劳力士中国海帆船赛视频

A true test of ocean-racing expertise, the 27th Rolex China Sea Race welcomed 34 boats from around the world, the highest number since the turn of this century. Veteran experience prevailed in this 2014 edition, with line honours going to 87 year-old skipper Syd Fischer aboard his Ragamuffin 90, the race's largest and fastest boat.

是海洋赛事专业技术的真正考验,第27届劳力士中国海帆船赛迎来34艘世界各地的帆船,成为本世纪最多参赛船只的一届。 2014年的赛事,以老练经验占优的情況下,87岁船长Syd Fischer 和他的Ragamuffin 90最先冲线,是比赛中最大和最快的帆船。

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