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Rolex China Sea Race 2014 - Highlights 2014劳力士中国海帆船赛- 精彩部分

The 2014 Rolex China Sea Race is a compelling offshore adventure between Hong Kong and the Philippines sponsored by Rolex since 2008. Hong Kong's skyline provides a spectacular backdrop as the competing yachts negotiate their way out of Victoria Harbour and head toward Subic Bay, covering 565-nautical miles of open sea. Enjoy the highlights of the 2014 edition.

2014年劳力士中国海帆船赛自2008年开始由劳力士赞助,是一个引人注目兼具挑战性的离岸赛事,从香港驶往菲律宾。香港的天际线提供了一个壮观的背景,参赛帆船越过维多利亚港并往苏碧湾前去,覆盖565海里的外海。 请享受2014年的精彩部分。

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